Diffusion des présentations



09h00           Accueil – Introduction Marc Ychou

09h30           Session 1 I Circulating DNA and CRC

Chairman: Marc Ychou (Montpellier)

Overview of the role of circulating DNA in concology

Alain Thierry (Montpellier)

Application of circulating DNA in CRC

Scott Kopetz (Houston)

11h00            Pause café

11h30           Session 2 I New targets in Colorectal cancer

Chairman: Marc Ychou (Montpellier)

Keynote lecture
Scott Kopetz (Houston) 

12h30            Déjeuner Buffet

14h00           Session 3 I Imaging as a biomarker in GI Oncology

Chairman: Benoit Gallix (Montréal) 

MRI : New potentialities in GI oncology
Stéphanie Nougaret (Montpellier)

CT scan, new criteria of response
Evelyne Loyer (Houston)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems for Interpreting Medical Image and Solid Tumor Quantitifaction Benoit Gallix (Montréal)

16h00           Pause café

16h30          Session 4 I Treatment of metastatic colorectal

                      cancer MSS

Chairman: Yves Becouarn (Bordeaux)

Anti-angiogenics: still a modern strategy ?
Michel Ducreux (Villejuif)

Optimization of first line treatment in RAS and BRAF WT
Thibault Mazard (Montpellier)

Oral therapies: present and futur
Jaafar Bennouna (Nantes)







Ouverture par Remise du Grand Prix éditorial Cas cliniques - CCRm - La lettre du cancérologue - avec le soutien institutionnel de MERCK


09h00           Session 5 I Immunotherapy in GI Oncology

Chairman: Antoine Adenis (Montpellier)

Exploration of tumor microenvironment
Nathalie Bonnefoy (Montpellier)

Gut microbiome influences efficacy of immune check point inhibitors
François Ghiringhelli (Dijon)

Immunotherapy in colorectal cancer
Thierry André (Paris)

Liver tumors : are they good candidates for immunotherapy?
Eric Assenat (Montpellier)

11h00           Pause café

11h30           Session 6 I New Techniques in radiation treatment

Chairman: Françoise Mornex (Lyon)

Predictive monograms for RT personalization
David Azria (Montpellier)


MRI-guided RT
Juliane Hörner-Rieber (Heidelberg)  

Internal Irradiation for endocrine tumors
Emmanuel Deshayes (Montpellier)

13h00           Déjeuner Buffet

14h30           Session 7 I Advances in Oesogastric cancer

Chairman: Emmanuelle Samalin (Montpellier)

New molecular and pathological profiles
Florence Renaud (Lille)

Immunotherapy: first results, first  hopes
Antoine Adenis (Montpellier)

Localized esogastric junction tumors, new strategies
Arnaud Roth (Genève)

16h00           Pause café

16h30           Session 8 I New advances in Surgical GI oncology

Chairman: Pierre-Emmanuel Colombo (Montpellier)

Robotic surgery in rectal cancer
Philippe Rouanet (Montpellier)

HIPEC in peritoneal carcinomatosis
Olivia Sgabura (Montpellier) 

Interventional radiology combined to surgery for liver metastases
François Quenet - Boris Guiu (Montpellier)

18h00           Conclusion